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About the Dorothy Murray Academic Award

At Dorothy Murray Foundation, we support academic excellence, self-directed learning and lifelong learning; and empower learners to take ownership of their learning outcomes, so that each individual can become personally successful as productive citizens in a culturally diverse society.

We preserve and enhance the Jamaican culture and heritage, by investing in human and community development.

You can download the Awardee Biography and Application and information about the Dorothy Murray Academic Award


We will provide financial and educational assistance to learners who aspire to develop their intellectual and social capacities, which will empower them to make informed decisions that can improve their social conditions and self-worth.


The developmental capacity and potential of an individual are boundless. Hence, on a daily basis, we encourage individuals to portray the following values in their attitudes and behaviours; in order, to develop a strong character and persona that is capable of being a productive citizen, highly self-directed, and a lifelong learner.

  • Authenticity involves being genuine, and true to one's self and others.
  • Being ethical involves doing the right thing for the right reason and having good intentions behind every action. Ethical means portraying a system of moral principles.
  • Core value of responsibility is an essential character value. It is the act of being accountable for your individual actions towards yourself, others and the environment.
  • Enlightenment is self-consciousness and deep insight of one’s capacity and learning direction. Enlightened means to be self-directed, autonomous and critically conscious.
  • Engagement means to participate and take actions in activities that will provide meaning, a sense a purpose, challenge, and relevance.
  • Excellence means striving for the highest personal achievement in all aspects of schooling, individual and community action, work and life-long learning. It is the commitment to high quality performance that produces outstanding results of lasting value. Excellence is believing in continuous improvement and never being satisfied with anything being less than it can be. It is quality as a way of life and involves setting and achieving goals.
  • Integrity is the act of being consistently honest and trustworthy. It is doing the right thing for the right reasons, whether someone is watching or not. Integrity is the courage to stand up for one's beliefs and values, even when doing so is unpopular.
  • Respect is an enduring life value, which means to have regard for or appreciation of a person’s worth, and tolerance of differences.
  • Self-direction means to plan, execute, and evaluate one's own learning with or without the help of an expert; it is the ability to take ownership of one's learning directions and outcomes. Self-directed means to be self-aware, assertive, goal-oriented, self-disciplined, able to self-regulate, action-oriented, a critical thinker and transformers.
  • Self-discipline is the ability to control and direct one’s own thoughts, attitudes, and behaviors.
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