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Dr. HenryCraig Murray


Dr. HenryCraig Murray is a highly self-directed educational leader, entrepreneur, altruist, and avid marathon runner. His drive for and attainment of the good life---happiness, love, health, and wealth---has created purpose for good works. His character portrays the values that Dorothy Murray Foundation emulates and advocates.

Dr. HenryCraig Murray believes that access to quality and relevant education creates more opportunities in life, facilitates critical thinking and problem solving, and enables individuals to make informed decisions. He is committed to the vision of Dorothy Murray Foundation, and will continue to extend the capacity of this organization to empower others to: strive and excel in their lives, self-develop, and improve their social conditions and self-worth; as well as, and most importantly, to invest in, and create the sorts of communities that we desire for our future... And the future of our children, and our grand-children and great grand-children.

Mrs. Dorothy Murray


Mrs. Dorothy Murray has a strong affirmation that giving back to our communities is a part of her purpose in this life and the next. She is an exceptional educator and community leader, who genuinely cares about the well-being of others. Her lifestyle mimics the expression: "the joy of giving creates a great life."

Mrs. Dorothy Murray's personality often leaves on others a positive feeling and an impression of increase.

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