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About Dorothy Murray

The Joy of Giving Creates a Great Life

The Dorothy Murray Academic Awards, sponsored by our organization, Dorothy Murray Foundation, are presented in honor of Dorothy Murray. Dorothy dedicated more than 37 years of service to her school, church, community, people and country, as a K-6 teacher and principal, an evangelist, counselor and advisor, mentor, and community leader

Our academic award acknowledges and appreciates the myriad contributions that Dorothy Murray has made to the discipline of teaching, character building, community development, and social justice. Dorothy Murray has mastered the art of teaching and learning, and has profoundly affected the lives of many individuals from various backgrounds. The Murray Family celebrates her indelible and profound contributions to her:

  • Students
  • Colleagues
  • Teaching and Learning
  • Community
  • Country
  • Friends
  • Family

Dorothy Murray is a lucid reflection of a life filled with meaning, purpose, significance, and good work; as well as, happiness and the "Joy of Learning." Her commitment to the holistic development and growth of her students and community has helped her to foster healthy and lifelong rapports. She portrays leadership by example, and works through consensus and collaboration to accomplish shared goals and objectives. She has inspired others to lead and serve. Dorothy Murray is an excellent communicator and resourceful person, who exhibits strong values, morals and ethics.


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